Career Astrology for Planning Your Profession

People start their education to reach clarity on profession. It can be service in a company, starting own business or self employment.  However, it may not be easy for a person to take right decision in career. Right decision and right time is the key for professional satisfaction and is very important to achieve excellence in career.

Career Planning With Vedic Astrology
Career Planning With Vedic Astrology

Many people plan for something in career but end in totally different field at the end of their career. Change in career is OK as long as it produces good result for future; but many people change their career because of dissatisfaction. Hence a practical feasible career plan is essential for professional and personal satisfaction. Many people are confused on what to do and approach career counsellors. Along with career counselling; career astrology can be a handy tool to make right decision and choose the best profession matching your personality and interest.

Vedic astrology has been (over the many decades has been a great tool which has helped people who have believed in its validity and utility to shape the future) giving the people direction in choosing the right career path. Astrology chart helps in understanding the planets and their positions. Career astrology helps in understanding which planets are strong, which are weak and how transit is going to play its role in career. Dasha system is unique to Vedic astrology and its predictive tools can be helpful; if utilised in right perspective. Vedic astrology helps to play to our strengths and gradually overcome our weakness.

Profession astrology helps a person in clearing the clutter. It helps him to understand what would be best profession for him or her. This is done by analysing vedic astrology chart and planetary positions. It is simple mathematics which had been taught in Vedic schools, since time immemorial. Its tools are very important in each person’s life and is linked to everyone whether they believe in it or not.

Career astrology has become very important with a number a number of people seeking help from astrologers who provide simple solutions after interpretation of a person’s birth chart and transit of planets. Profession astrology is interesting and has seen many sceptics. Yet its presence and its roots in the Vedas has helped it survive.

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