Career is an occupation that an individual peruses for major period of one’s life. Very often the first choice of our career is totally different from the final career. The match between the student’s career decision and his interest & ability strongly influences his progress & achievement. When choosing a college program the student should match his interest & capability with career aspiration.Succss Astrology

To a great extent; career satisfaction lies within us. A shy and introvert person may not like to connect with different people & struggle in sales. Similarly a socially active & extrovert person may not like to spend time in the four walls of an office & struggle research & analysis. Hence there is no point in choosing a career influenced by society, family & friends. Very often people regret to choose a career that can make them rich but does not satisfy their interest.

Personality is the combination of character, disposition, temperament and forms individual’s distinct identity. A number of personality trait theories have been propounded to measure distinct characteristics of the individual. Hence students should understand their personality to take informed decision on career & education. If the academic environment stimulates & develops different skills matching student’s interest; the student will achieve higher degree of satisfaction and will do better.

Numerology & astrology provide useful insight to one personality and is important to take informed decision about your career. Dasha is unique to Vedic astrology and represents the time factor. For example a good transit in the fifth house can give a child in the family & can improve one’s education.

Hence by combining all the three  tools a student can make informed decision on career.


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