Many individuals have talent that can be leveraged into profitable business or occupation. If you have natural interest on some activity then by focusing on the interest you can achieve things easily which others spend time   and energy to attain.  Talents can be creative, artistic or it can be in sports, quiz, designing, photography etc. Learning to identify and promoting the talent is Key to success. By doing this the person can follow the passion. The people & society who are connected with him can also be benefited.

Very often your horoscope can be reflection of your talents and skills. There are many positives and negatives in each horoscope which can be identified with career astrology tools. We have to harness the positive energy bestowed to us and safeguard from the negative energy thrown to us. A well placed planet in a horoscope means; the native will easily get resources promised by the planet & the house the planet is connected to. A badly placed debilitated planet means the native will get challenges & difficulties to get resources promised by the planets and the houses it is connected to.


In this chart there are many positive and negatives. 4th lord, 5th lord and natural karaka of knowledge Jupiter are in 6th house promising challenges in educational pursuit. 2nd lord and natural karaka of intelligence are in 8th house again promising challenges in expression and intelligence. (We will limit our discussion only to birth chart and will not consider any Divisional chart to check the promise shown by the birth horoscope).

What else the horoscope points? 2 planets are in exaltation. Ascendant lord Sun exalted in 9th house with 3rd lord Venus. The combination bestows plenty of courage, determination & will power and physical prowess.

4th and 9th Lord Mars exalted in 6th house with 8th lord Jupiter.  As per career astrology, this combinations strengthens the 6th house; the house of disease, enemies & adversaries. The exalted mars bestow strength and stamina to the native. Ascendant, 3rd house, 6th house, Mars and Sun have gained strength; good enough to be Sports Person.

He used to the resources and talents bestowed with passion & zeal. …In a conservative country like India at a time when parents were apprehensive to send their children to choose Sports as career; the person went on to become the greatest Sports Icon of the country. Who is none other than Sachin Tendulkar.