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Aries Career

Aries CareerSun in Aries makes the native action oriented; who loves to take initiative. The native becomes dynamic with full of energy & enthusiasm. They are quick to take action and want quick result but lack patience. Aries is a competitive sign and want to be number 1 in every field they are involved. It is a restless sign and likes change; hence new job, new place & new activity excite them. They are self reliant and love freedom; hence the jobs that do not provide freedom of expression & movement are not preferred by Arians. They are prone to anger, frequent outbursts and sometimes take reckless action.

The Professions Suitable for Aries Are – Army, Police, fire fighting, athletics, Journalism, surgery, sales, architecture, Self employed jobs, Engineering, Stock broking & creative writing etc.

Taurus Career

Taurus career

Taurus is an earth sign & does not like too much of movement and people with Sun in Taurus are inclined to be materialistic. Hence Taurus people like routine jobs or the jobs related to human body/earth. Security is very important to Taurus; and they do not like to take up risky jobs. They are sensuous & indulgent and are connoisseurs of food & drinks. They are not showy and love to move slowly but steadily in job. They have strong will power & and are patient; hence they are comfortable with the jobs that require hard work & patience.

They have an excellent taste of for arts & beauty and can be good artists, singers or musicians or the industry dealing with jewelry, fashion, garments & cosmetics.  Their earthy nature can make them farmers, gardeners or professions related to cotton, horticulture, land, sugar, milks etc. Their love for physical body can make them massage therapist or parlor owners.

Gemini Career

Gemini Career

Gemini is the third sign of natural zodiac and deals with travel & communication. Hence people with Sun in Gemini are restless and may deal with newspapers, article writing, teaching, tour & travel, editing, broadcasting in TV & radio etc. People with Sun in Gemini like intellectual activity like reading & writing but they do not like to do same activity again and again. Being a dual sign they may carry out many activities together and are versatile. But their versatility may lead to many activities getting difficulty in completing any of them. They are strong in social networking and communicating; hence can be good in sales. The jobs related to finance, accounts stock market, banking, IT, BPO, also suitable for people with Sun in Gemini.

Cancer Career

Cancer career

Sun in cancer makes people emotional and they are very much concerned about family & security. People with sun in cancer build a protective layer around them so that they are not easily hurt.  Traditional values & home are very important to them.  Career related to home; like real estate, housing & jobs related to emotional values like; nursing home & healing appeal them. Profession related to water like; shipping, Water Park & Export import and career related to comfort like; hotels & restaurant; also appeal to people who have Sun in cancer. They do well in career related to teaching, psycho therapy, counseling & medicine. Native with Sun in Cancer also do well in career related to creative expression like acting, journalism & writing. Being the 4th house of natural Zodiac; they like Jobs related administration & Jobs related management.

Leo Career

Leo career

Leo is a royal sign & loves to take center stage. They are positive, optimistic, creative & artistic and have strong need for recognition and status. They do well in administration; as they excel in leading and organizing events. As they like to lead people; politics & management positions are good for them. Career related to cinema & TV, fashion, media also appeal them as they have a strong taste for art & beauty. They have excellent presentation skills & people skills and can do well in sales & marketing, law, public speaking etc. As they are courageous and have leadership skills; they may handle very high positions in corporate and political life. As Leo wants to take control of the events; they may develop arrogance, ego and can be self centered.

Virgo Career

virgo career

People with Sun in Virgo pay attention to details and do well in critical analysis. They want perfection in work and are practical & down to earth. They are happy to work behind the scene to serve others and are not very comfortable to lead. They do not like routine jobs and enjoy in different climates and surroundings. Hence Jobs related to finance, accounts, law, share market analysis, company secretary & journalism which provides dynamic environment are preferred by Virgo. They do not like hectic jobs but want stimulation to their mind. They do well in jobs dealing with abstract thinking; hence writing of thesis, fictions, research, and statistics also appeals them. They are prone to quick temper, stubborn & constantly worry about future but are very helpful individuals.

Libra Career

libra career

People with Sun in Libra are diplomatic, easy going, accommodating, sociable and amiable in nature. Due to diplomatic & easy going nature; they can easily connect with people and build relationship. Hence they excel in jobs related to sales, public liaison, law, counseling, & travel. Librans have an excellent taste on creativity & luxury; hence they do well in jobs related to media, film & TV, designing, singing, acting, graphic designing, interior decoration etc. As they are carefree; they are not very good mangers of money & resources. They are likely to lose interest and their energy level may go down in long term & strenuous jobs.

Scorpio Career

scorpio career

Being the 8th sign of the natural zodiac they are attracted towards the secrets of life and jobs related to intuition & analysis. Their curious mind can solve the mysteries; hence they excel in jobs related to science & research, teaching, education & politics. They can also do well as a detective agent, investigator or forensic agent. They are hardworking people and do well as a legal expert, writers & psychiatrist; where they can satisfy curiosity.  Jobs related to medicine, surgery, military, iron & steel, insurance are also well managed by Scorpions.


Sagittarius Career

Sagittarius career

Individuals with Sun in Sagittarius love freedom and creativity. Repetitive work which requires application strict policies and procedures do not excite them. Their performance and level of achievement goes down in such environments.  Sometimes they can take unusual way of success by utilizing creativity and talent. They require motivation to drive themselves to think big and act in bigger stages of life. Innovative, creative & risky plans; where they can fully express themselves are the right platform for Sagittarians. They can be good Entrepreneurs, Sales people, Travel agents, environmentalists, freelancers & creative designers; the jobs which provides space & platform to express creativity. They also can do well in presentations, convincing clients in sales meetings, and in a number of outdoor activities.


Capricorn Career

capricorn career

Capricorn is sign of endurance & tenacity and can persist with the set objective for few years to achieve career goal.  They are slow but steady and can take a few disappointments in the way to success.  They strongly believe in planning & execution and prepare strategy & action plan to achieve something. Hence they are not very quick to take action as they need time to think & reflect. They may not do well in positions which require quick action and deals with quick change. They are not hesitant to take advice from well wishers before taking action. They do not want to take high risks hence; most of them do not like to be entrepreneur or leader but do well working under others. Though most of them come from traditional school of thought; very often they can be artistic & creative in work. They can do well in financial planning hence can be good banker, finance managers and other management positions requiring calculation. Their mastery on structure helps them to do well in mechanical engineering, construction industries and petrochemical industries. Their artistic bent may lead to film & TV or any other entertainment industry. They can also do well in politics & government offices.

Aquarius Career

Aquarius career

People with Sun in Aquarius have thirst for knowledge with a strong sense of honesty. They like jobs that stimulate their mind & do not like conventional jobs. They do well as a scientist and as a research professional.  They think out of the box strategies and hence require complete freedom to think & act. Any job which requires regular application of rules and laws and limits application of creativity does not suit Aquarians. They possess good sense of intuition and can do well as a psychic, astrologers or the profession which requires using perception. They are very reliable people and do not like to be involved in petty politics and like to spend time on work. They can do well astronomy and jobs related stock market analysis. They can also do well in jobs related to creativity, entertainment & music, electronics & telecommunication.

Pisces Career

Pisces career

People with Sun in Pisces are gentle, imaginative, sensitive & creative individuals. So the career that utilizes their dream, creativity & imagination provides them the opportunity to express themselves and they thrive in those careers. Hence they do well in jobs related to music, creative illustration, visual arts, dance & singing. Pisceans also possess very strong intuition; hence they do well in career related to numerology, astrology, tarot reading and jobs related to counseling & healing. Their gentle, soft and sensitive nature; very often propels them to do social work & they may do well in NGOs. Jobs and business related to education, modeling, designing, script writing, and interior decoration are also well managed by them.