MBTI Career

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Everybody in this world is capable of contributing something to the world and each of us has been endowed with different personality.  Our inherent personality plays great role to assess our strength & weakness and plays very crucial role while choosing the most suitable career. Isabel Myers the creator of MBTI used four dichotomies to describe 16 personality indicators.

It uses four preferences

1 Where you focus your attention – Extraversion (E) or Introversion

2 How you collect information – Sensing (S) or Intuition (N)

3 How you take decision -Thinking (T) or Feeling (F)

4 How you deal with people – Judging (J) or Perceiving (P)

Please sit in upright relaxed position and take 8-10 minutes to complete the test. Choose the statement that best describes you. Try to be honest while choosing the option.

1.I like

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